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   Haven't had an update for quite awhile -- Posted by syKotic -- Thursday, July 12, 2001
-- It's been freakin forever since an update. Well, not really, but still... I give a half-hearted nod to Quake III: Team Arena, which I bought recently. Make no mistake, the maps are very well done, but the professional feel is ruined by the exact symmetry of them. It leaves no surprise or challenge for those playing the map for the first time. I really enjoyed the three sprawling terrain maps. They are excellently made, although some might argue that their look is rather stark. I would argue back that mountains and valleys dont have a lot of detail in them in real life. The only drawbacks about the terrain maps is that you need about 10 people per side to enjoy them, and when you finally find the enemy flag, you either have to walk 20 miles back to your own base to score, or you get fragged by a sniper and have to do it all over again: =( The new weapons are cool, but they changed the classic nailgun!!!!!!! How could they do that?! The prox launcher (when you find it) comes in handy for surprise attacks and is a good weapon to defend your base with. The new powerups all have their advantages, but the "guard" powerup takes a lot of fun out of the game. If you have the guard powerup and you are a half-decent player, you can turn it into a practical invulnerability. However, when a bot has guard, it takes forever to kill him (Assuming you dont die first). Also, the new models were very dissapointing. There is an extremely limited number of new bodies, and a dozen new heads you can slap on to them. Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to say that this game didnt make the cut. But if you're bored, go down to best buy and spend 20 bucks and sit down and check out the great new maps. Anywayz, as far as the site goes... I'm seriously gonna start to work on tutorials as soon as I finish my current map. I will also review some more maps. I'm looking forward to writing reviews for ZTN's maps. If you have played his maps, then you can understand why. That would be all I have to say right now.

   Added syKotrny2 and syKodm2 map reviews -- Posted by syKotic -- Thursday, June 28, 2001
Finally, I have finished reviewing my own maps. Now I can start working on other peoples maps and the tutorials as well. Thats all for now.

   About and Contact sections up -- Posted by syKotic -- Wednesday, June 27, 2001
On the left you will findthe links to find information about my site and contact information for the staff. I urge you to go to the contact section and check to see if you meet the requirements to be one of my staff members. I really need staff members here.

   Cranked out a review for syKoctf1 -- Posted by syKotic -- Wednesday, June 27, 2001
-- I'm a madman with these reviews! This is my 4th one, meaning only two more of my own maps to review before I can review some other maps and start on my tutorials section. Check out the new review right...... here.
    Fonts changed; syKotrny1 map review added -- Posted by syKotic -- Tuesday, June 26, 2001
-- Another review done for my first tourney map, which was my first gothic map as well. Check it out here. Soon I should have a review up for syKoctf1, and maybe for my other two maps. After I get those up I will finally be able to start tutorials and review other peoples maps. Thats what I really want this site to be focused on, not my maps. Also, if you notice the font changing around a lot, thats just becuase I am experimenting with different fonts and sizes; I think this one will work, tho.

   Added syKodm1 map review -- Posted by syKotic -- Monday, June 25, 2001
-- Had time to do another review for my second map, syKodm1. Check it out here. I have four more of my own maps to review, and then I will start working on the tutorials and also review some of other people's maps. Soon, I hope to be getting a news program installed so I can easily update my news. Its late, so I think I'm gonna retreat to my sleeping chambers and have a nice long rest. =) Until later, people.

   Added syKodark map review -- Posted by syKotic -- Monday, June 25, 2001
-- It took much much longer than expected to make just one review, but i got one up, for my first map, syKodark [The Dark of the Night]. You can find it in the "Map DLs/Reviews" section or just click here. Expect more map reviews soon.

   Poll Added -- Posted by syKotic -- Sunday, June 24, 2001
-- Just wanted to announce that a poll has been added. I will change it either every two weeks or once every month. But for this one here, vote nicely. =) Im going to go see "Tomb Raider" soon, but when I get home you can bet I'll be up late working on map reviews.

   Total Makeover! -- Posted by syKotic -- Sunday, June 24, 2001
-- I've been working hard (especially on images) to get a new and attractive design up. I'm gonna get some help here soon tho, so it'll be easier to post news. Hopefully now I can get some real work done as far as content goes; I've hit kind of like a "mapper's block" in my mapping. =) Its just hard to think of ideas right now, but sometimes one will pop into my head and i'll make it, so im not worried. Plus, not working on maps gives me more time to work on the site. The real point of this site is to have nice, clear tutorials on how to use Q3Radient and make quake maps. There are so few sites out there that have good tutorials. I am pretty experienced with the editor, and I'm sure I can make easy to understand tutorials that get every point of Q3Radient across to the user. Perhaps telefragged will host me if they approve of the idea of my site. Also, I now offer full reviews for maps. Soon I will have my 6 maps fully graded and reviewed. Yes, graded. Maps will be graded on a scale of 1-100, based on certain map aspects: Fun Factor, Looks, Aesthetics, and Playability. That's about all right now; I've gotta get back to work.
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